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Who are the J1 students?

J1 Students arrive to the United States from Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, and other European and some Asian countries to work in the United States during their summer vacations. To qualify for the proggram, every J1 student must speak English and must be over 18 years old. Most tend to be hard-working people looking to practice their English skills and to earn a few dollars. The studenta are authorized by the Department of State to work for any employer up to four months.

How much does it cost to hire J1s?

The service is free for qualified employers.

Who qualifies to hire these foreign students?

Any business registered in the United States may hire J1 students.

How do I hire J1 students?

Please fill the contact form at our home page. It is advisable to start the selection process at least a few months before the season.
J1 Students
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